Pictures in the Park (Part 2 [of two])

So a couple weeks ago you saw part one of Pictures in the Park, and so here’s part two! These are very autumn-y photos so I’m glad I finally got around to posting them, just in time, the last day of November. Enjoy :]

IMG_1408Look at the reflection of the tree! It’s so clear, and almost metallic looking.

IMG_1389It’s fuzzy, because we accidentally didn’t realize it was on manual focus haha.



IMG_1214Another berry bush. I’ve no idea what it is, do any of you?

IMG_1136I really like this photo.

IMG_1221Look at the greenness, the wide-openness! So nice.






IMG_1276I like having the bridge and the river, and it’s different than the others because of the sitting pose instead of standing.

IMG_1252You can see the action of the leaves, there were constantly little gusts of wind that sent the leaves twirling down, as if it were autumn snow.

IMG_1336Happiness :]

IMG_1373My friend said this is my ‘ready to face the world’ face and pose 😉

IMG_1400I really liked this one, with the logs, and the leaves climbing all over.

IMG_1318I love the dark contrasts of this one.

So yep that’s what I have ;] Hope you liked it!

I loved my time in the park, and the photo shoot, and spending time with my very dear friend. Hope y’all enjoyed it too. Did you have a favorite photo? 🙂


Pictures in the Park (Part 1 [of two])

I had a VERY lovely morning/early afternoon with one of my dearest friends last week. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a few months!

We started off getting warm drinks (I got a caramel chai tea and she got a whole milk latte) and then headed to a beautiful park.

I haven’t gone to a park just to be at a park in I don’t know how long, but I’m so glad we did! It was wonderful.

Thank goodness my mom suggested taking my camera, or we would have not only been there for so long, but would have missed out on so many photo opportunities!

So the rest of this post is kind of a photo spew (some would say a photo dump but somehow that doesn’t sound very good!), but we took so many photos, and I really couldn’t narrow them down, so there will be a part two. All the photos of me were taken by my dear friend, and the ones without me are taken by me.





IMG_1425Anyone know what these ^ are? I don’t but they’re simply lovely.

IMG_1230Okay so she was adjusting the camera, so i made this silly face, not knowing she would actually take a picture!

IMG_1231And then when I realized she had taken a photo it made me laugh, and she took a photo of me laughing.


IMG_1141I really like the super light, white lighting here ^, it’s so airy.

IMG_1177There was a gorgeous small meadow of Red Woods ^, and the lighting was so lovely, super dark in some spots and very bright in others.


IMG_1338I didn’t even notice the lovely orange on the tree when I saw this great background, but it really pops!


IMG_1125Agh the ivy growing on the trees! There was beautiful ivy all over! I love ivy, so it was awesome.

IMG_1219Benches are so cool. I don’t know why… but they just are!

IMG_1207Me laughing… again. She made me laugh so many times 🙂 It was such a nice time.

IMG_1267This bridge ^ is a really good photo op. Okay also, there was the awesome older lady taking her time walking along and she was like picking up leaves, and she was so story-bookish, like i want to be her! And as she walked by she looked at us and was like ‘that was a good one!’ and also there was this lady jogging by who took the time to slow down, take an earbud out and say, ‘you look really beautiful’. It was so kind. Those are the strangers you wanna be, folks. Those are the beautiful people.

IMG_1249so i edited most of these photos only a little little bit, but I decided to go all out on this one, and am very happy with the result. ^

IMG_1364Me laughing… yet again.

IMG_1281Ah the colors popping in this one makes me soooo happy!

IMG_1237I really like this one ^… 🙂

IMG_1312#gottabecliche and here’s the stereotypical feet on the ground picture ^.

And now… drumroll please…

My amazing wonderful friend and talented photographer!

Pictured above, with a very large leaf haha, is my AMAZING, beautiful friend, who is always there for me and basically the most swell person ever. She took several hours out of her day to let me drive her around (so close to my licence, guys!), buy me a hot tea, walk in the park with me, and give me a free photo shoot! It was amazing!

So that was my lovely day I had… Be ready for part two soon!

So what did you think? Did you like the photos? Do you have a favorite? Are you jealous of my lovely time in the park haha 😉 Lemme know in the comments!