Minor Details

(also so sorry about the link in the last email not working for some of you. not sure what happened but hopefully everything runs smoothly now)

Little things about me:

•when I’m especially stressed, tense, anxious, hungry, annoyed, or tired, I pick at the skin around my fingernails.

•i call everyone “kid”, from my siblings to dad to my friends to my nephews, it just comes out; “hey kid” “thanks kid” etc.

•I unconsciously stroke my chin when I’m around any members of one certain family or when I think about them.

•I hate it when people chew. Including when I chew. If I get annoyed when you’re chewing it’s because it is genuinely a sensory-overload issue and it feels like someone is literally hurting my brain. I always notice and highly appreciate when people chew nicely.



•I don’t drink coffee

•I have a fan collection. Like handheld Chinese fans.

•I’m tired of my secret juggling skills going unnoticed. (Jk, I have no juggling skills.)

•if I’m genuinely anxious, I will shake, my hands shake, my whole body quivers, and my teeth chatter. Sometimes I’m good at clenching my whole body and not letting that show, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice.

•maroon is my favorite color



•I stare off into space when I’m around a big group of people as a way of being able to think with out being interrupted. It works until somebody waves their hand in front of me or calls my name.

•I get weirded out when people I don’t know well call me Lissy, instead of Melissa. Somehow it seems like a name only people who are close to me or have known me a long time call me, so it’s always a surprise when I get called it by someone who doesn’t fit in those categories. Depending on the person I either find it very flattering or somewhat unnerving.

•while we’re on the subject of my name, my nickname is Lissy, spelled with a ‘y’. I still have family members and friends who have known me my whole life who spell it incorrectly. It’s been over 7 years since I’ve spelled it this way so…



•I actually don’t hate every kind of animal. It’s true.

•if I’m talking to you and we’re talking about something deep or serious, a sure sign I’m opening up is if I say “idk, that’s just me I guess” or “idk if that makes any sense but”. It’s like that’s my way of putting an insurance on my vulnerability, like hey, in case what I’m saying sounds stupid or is offensive, I’ll pretend like I’m not 100% sure on how I feel.

•I am genuinely horrified of frogs. Just that word gives me the willies. Like I have a science curriculum that has frog on the back and front of each thing, the text book, the lab book, the dvds, etc, and I’ve covered them all with paper so that I don’t see them. (And no I will not be at all amused if you try to scare me with them. It will in no way be something I will laugh about later.)

•only some of you will know what I mean, but, my left knee muscles are still bound together… I know , I know, I should get it fixed.



•I cry during almost every single movie/episode I watch. The smallest thing can make me cry in a film (or real life, really).

•I snort when laughing excessively.

•I simply love pineapples. They taste so amazing. But I hate preparing/cutting them. Too much work. You cut up a pineapple for me and you’ll be my best friend (#SorryLydia)

•if something in social media has a word that I wouldn’t say out loud or that I wouldn’t feel comfortable showing a grandparent, then I won’t like/share/pin it. It’s my personal opinion but I feel like that’s supporting that word, and if I’m not gonna say it or appreciate it in the real world, I won’t on the internet.



•I am afraid of the ocean.

•I pop my knuckles and joints, to the abhorrence of my family. I believe they think I do it to spite them, but it is no more voluntary than biting ones lips or clearing your throat.

•I make lists like these when I can’t sleep.

•similarly, most of my best planning and greatest ideas have come when I can’t sleep.



•I wish I could sleep tho.

•I say “y’all” in my writing much more than I should, considering I am in no way Texan or southern.

•I still obsessively listen to Adventures in Odyssey.

•I plan on suing Pinterest if it updates. one. more. time. (Okay not really, but I wish!)

•I want to collect instruments. Old and new. I have a guitar and banjo in working order, and I have a 100+ year old mandolin and a somewhat old looking violin, both of those are merely decor. But I want a working ukulele and flute, and any instruments that don’t work (falling apart guitar, antique cello, etc).



•I prefer thrift stores over normal stores. The variety is so amazing (not to mention #bargains).

•somehow my room gets super messy and then I spend like a whole day cleaning it up, keep it clean for a few days, and then let it twirl back to horror for several weeks, and then repeat. This is not purposeful and it seems to happen very quickly.

•I have a bunch of plans/ideas/decorations to decorate my room but I can’t decide if I like it how it is or not.



•this is me once again alluding to a big project I’m working on (shushes all you who know something about it), so keep your eyes peeled.

•the expressions “not to mention” or “not to seem/be ____” bother me. Like someone will say “not to mention how annoying she’s been lately” or “not to seem rude, but that’s kinda a weird dress” or “not to be obvious, but didn’t he say that last time?”. Because you say that phrase and then do exactly that. I do it, too but I gotta say… English, why??

•I used to be very proud of the meaning of my middle, first, and last name put together “joyful honeybee doctor”.



•speaking of honey, I hate honey. It’s gross. And sticky. Very very sticky…

•I do love Pooh Bear tho.

•I’ve been blogging for over 2 years. *pats my lil blog proudly* That’s why I think it’s due time to do something like the project I’m working on.

•I think the world is a scary, awful, evil, messed up, selfish place, but there is so much hope because my King is the King of all.

•I’m not a Christian by normal standards. I believe that Jesus (Yeshua) is the son of God and our savior and salvation can be gained only by belief in Him, but I also believe that the laws of the Old Testament still pertain to our lives today, and that by carrying them out to the best of our abilities, we are showing God our love.



•I’ve been ‘playing’ (if you can call my dismal skills playing) guitar for several years now, but only last month learned any b chords.

•On average through the last 4 years, unless I have a party, 4/7 siblings fail to wish me a happy birthday within the actual week it takes place.

•I have recently been pondering how, if one were to make a music video, how do you lay the track you’ve recorded over the actual video so that your voice and your lips are in sink?

•there’s something about Edison lights that just make me “😱😍😍”

•I take so many pictures. Every day. I see something (almost anything) and have the need to try to make an artistic picture out of it.



•if I could be a teenager in any decade, it would be the 1950s.

•Switchfoot and TØP (music wise) have gotten me through some toughs times.

•Asian food makes me sick.

•I make really big plans and come up with brilliant ideas, and plan them all out and organize them, and then don’t follow through (skilz).

•cookie dough is for life. #EatMoreCookieDough

•I’m an old-fashioned, romantic soul. Old letters, candles, bouquets of roses, sunsets, and star-gazing are entirely swoon-worthy.


///all images thanks to Unsplash///


the second birthday of my lil’ blog

Today is my blog’s second birthday.


Two years of babbling on the world wide web.

Two years of expressing so many thoughts and feelings that I couldn’t have expressed otherwise.

Because my stats are nothing extraordinary (actually, they’re quite dismal), I shall skip that boring-ness and simply celebrate my blog and talk about what I’ve loved/learned through blogging. Without being too boring. I hope.

green-chameleon-21532blogging has taught me how to explain my feelings in a way I hadn’t before.

Before I started blogging, I didn’t really have any way to explain my feelings. Journaling had never clicked with me before and besides that I really didn’t know how. Once I started blogging however, something clicked and being able to express myself is so wonderful. I’m pretty open with what I talk about on here, which leaves me sort of vulnerable, but isn’t vulnerability a beautiful thing?

pam-menegakis-388875getting comments is like getting flowers or eating cookie dough (i.e. it’s wonderful)

Getting comments is how I know y’all are reading my posts. Otherwise I truly don’t know. Not to mention how wonderful it is to see that someone took the little bit of time and energy to leave me a comment. It’s really wonderful. Also, in my two year experience I have only ever received on actually weird/mean comment, and that was on my  “‘Tis the Seas- Wait what?? No Christmas” in which I believe I may have hit a nerve haha. Anyways out of the many comments I’ve gotten, there was just the one I had to hold back. But seriously, guys, I’m trying no longer to care about all the other stats and stuff, but comments still mean the world to me. And besides, when I’m sad that no one comments, I can eat cookie dough to cheer up. And when I’m happy that someone commented I can eat cookie dough to cheer up. Basically cookie dough is life. #EatMoreCookieDough


the blogging world is pretty darn cool

discovering other people’s blogs, reading all the different styles of writing, seeing the different views people have, and their ideas, and everything is so amazing. There are so many amazing blogs out there! I pretty much follow a specific type, ya know the type where the author loves Jane Austen, is a tea addict, does reviews on musicals, likes a few classic hollywood actors, etc. and I love finding more along that niche. Getting tagged for tags is fun and makes me feel loved, and it’s just a very wonderful community.

aaron-burden-25844it’s incredibly difficult to get followers, but that’s ok

Okay apparantly followers just don’t happen for me? I’ve been here for two years, and I still only have IUO:WEIFURIOEWUROIUQO{I_(*#* followers. So that is a bit depressing, but one of my blogging goals this year is to simply not care about the stats. I may not have a lot of followers but the little followers I do have are pretty awesome. Would I like to have a nice amount of followers? Well yeah of course, but it’s not the end of the world, and I don’t blog for the numbers so it’s ok, but like it would be a nice pat on the back to finally reach my goal.

freestocks-org-160637inspiration comes from anywhere

I don’t really know how my posts get written. The littlest random thing while pop into my head and BOOM I’ve got a post. Sometimes I have 30 posts sitting in my drafts waiting to get published, while other times I go months without thinking of anything good and I have to resort to my tags (not that those aren’t bomb-diggity). Also I think I currently have over 40 titles for which I don’t have an actual post written up for, simply a title I know could be genius. I guess that’s how I often write my posts, I think of a good title and the rest normally works itself out.

jeremy-bishop-102629 there are so many things I still don’t know how to use/do on WordPress

I only have one page, because even after all my research I can’t figure out how to make another one. I rarely remember how to get to my admin controls. And so much other stuffage.

although in this post all the photos are from Unsplash

being able to share my photos and poems and such on here is a great outlet

As I mentioned earlier, I so many of my thoughts and creative abilities would be sitting idle if I didn’t have this blog. It’s so wonderful to be able to actually do something with it.

my lil’ baby is two today, so round of applause for my blog.

*throws confetti* *passes out cookie dough* *is awesome* *bows* *catches flowers* *accepts gifts in the form of million dollar checks or large bowls of cookie dough* *waves happily*

Anyways, thank you to each and every one of you who has supported and encouraged me on this attempt to be classic. My time past had been simply smashing, and I’m thrilled to watch the future of the blog.


Happy ‘It’s My Blog’s Birthday’ day!

and all the sudden 2018 arrived


Crazy, isn’t it? That all the sudden there’s a new year. The start of a new beginning.

2016, I worked really hard making and breaking habits. I did a lot of hard work and reaped the rewards. I’m gonna be honest, in 2017, I really slacked off. But I hope to do better this year.

Normally I wouldn’t post my ‘goals’ or ‘resolutions’ but I think if I post them for the world to see, it will make me more inclined to follow through. So here goes.

2018 GOALS: 

  • Exercise daily. In 2016 I was exercising three times a day and I felt amazing. So I need to start exercising at least once.
  • Drink even more water. I drink a good deal of water now, but I should be drinking even more.
  • Eat less junk. I don’t want to say ‘go on a diet’ or ‘lose more weight’ but I just need to create a habit of eating better.
  • Arrange and follow through with an actual sleeping schedule.
  • Floss daily (yes this is how honest i am, i’m letting everyone i know know that i need to floss more regularly #brutallyhonest).
  • Apply essential oils to hair and face daily.
  • Make a weekly schedule at the beginning of each week.
  • Blog regularly, plan out posts each month.
  • Complete room decorating.
  • Earn more money.
  • Find/accept more opportunities to earn said money.
  • Smile more. Frown less. Watch body language.
  • Explain instead of express my frustrutions.
  • Become the ‘awesome big kid’ to the younger kids I know.
  • Go somewhere exciting.
  • Learn a little dancing. Whether random steps from tap or ballet, or a little bit of swing.
  • Volunteer somewhere.
  • Contact at least one family member (that I don’t see constantly) every week.
  • Go on an awesome outing with a friend or family member once a month.
  • Drink more tea.
  • Do a cleaning/organizing project once a month.
  • Be braver, take opportunities even if they sound scary.
  • Do a morning and evening stretch session every day.
  • Spend more time in nature.
  • Learn to accept compliments and criticism like an awesome warrior.
  • Get my camera out at least three times a week.
  • Create in my art journal at least twice a week.
  • Sell my crafts somewhere (my paper crafts). Etsy… a store… idk somewhere
  • Get to a point where I can do the splits. Y’all. I was almost there last year (as in 2016). But I stopped doing the stretches so I’ll now have to start from scratch. But I’m almost positive I can do it.
  • Read more books. Hopefully about 60.
  • Cook/bake more.
  • Watch sunsets. And even watch sunrises.

So that’s what I’ve thought up. Habits to make. Habits to break.  Things to do. Etc.

So what do you think? What are some of your goals for 2018? And doesn’t that sounds strange? 2 0 1 8 !!! Here’s to the New Year!

when it’s hard to be thankful


Let’s be truthful here, life is really difficult sometimes.

And let’s be even more truthful. Sometimes it’s really difficult to be thankful.

Sometimes, you search and search and search for something to be grateful for, and nothing comes to mind.

My family and I have been enduring some really awful hardships lately.

And it makes it so difficult to be thankful.

Life is awful, so how could you be thankful? Right?

Yeah, I’m having a really hard time with life right now, and I’m stressed. Life stinks and then you die. That’s my life motto. I’m kidding, I’m kidding, it’s not. But sometimes I feel like that.


And I have my family. I have friends. I have shelter, and food, and so much more than life’s necessities.

So yeah, it’s really difficult to be happy. But maybe we don’t need to be happy.

And it’s hard to be grateful when life is so difficult, and things are kicking us down, over and over, but God is with us, and isn’t that enough?

So this Thanksgiving, even if you can’t find much to be thankful for, there is enough, because God is with us.

Happy Thanksgiving, and God’s blessings.

Life is Crazy + ttfn

Agh! Life has been crazy lately!!!

We’re moving tomorrow, so we’ve been in a crazy hassle and I’m stressed and emotional about leaving the only house of I’ve ever lived, I’ve never moved before and so it has been an interesting emotional roller-coaster.

We’ve had out of town guests, and I’ve been planning a three week trip, so that’s exciting but added even more stress (in real glad I’m doing it though).

So those are some of the reasons that I haven’t been very active in the blogging world lately.

So y’alls prayers for my family and I would be very highly appreciated as we continue to deal with this crazy time in our lives.

Suffice to say, I won’t be blogging for the next couple of weeks unless I get the unlikely chance. (I’d still love comments though!) So ttfn, ta-ta for now!