the second birthday of my lil’ blog

Today is my blog’s second birthday.


Two years of babbling on the world wide web.

Two years of expressing so many thoughts and feelings that I couldn’t have expressed otherwise.

Because my stats are nothing extraordinary (actually, they’re quite dismal), I shall skip that boring-ness and simply celebrate my blog and talk about what I’ve loved/learned through blogging. Without being too boring. I hope.

green-chameleon-21532blogging has taught me how to explain my feelings in a way I hadn’t before.

Before I started blogging, I didn’t really have any way to explain my feelings. Journaling had never clicked with me before and besides that I really didn’t know how. Once I started blogging however, something clicked and being able to express myself is so wonderful. I’m pretty open with what I talk about on here, which leaves me sort of vulnerable, but isn’t vulnerability a beautiful thing?

pam-menegakis-388875getting comments is like getting flowers or eating cookie dough (i.e. it’s wonderful)

Getting comments is how I know y’all are reading my posts. Otherwise I truly don’t know. Not to mention how wonderful it is to see that someone took the little bit of time and energy to leave me a comment. It’s really wonderful. Also, in my two year experience I have only ever received on actually weird/mean comment, and that was on my  “‘Tis the Seas- Wait what?? No Christmas” in which I believe I may have hit a nerve haha. Anyways out of the many comments I’ve gotten, there was just the one I had to hold back. But seriously, guys, I’m trying no longer to care about all the other stats and stuff, but comments still mean the world to me. And besides, when I’m sad that no one comments, I can eat cookie dough to cheer up. And when I’m happy that someone commented I can eat cookie dough to cheer up. Basically cookie dough is life. #EatMoreCookieDough


the blogging world is pretty darn cool

discovering other people’s blogs, reading all the different styles of writing, seeing the different views people have, and their ideas, and everything is so amazing. There are so many amazing blogs out there! I pretty much follow a specific type, ya know the type where the author loves Jane Austen, is a tea addict, does reviews on musicals, likes a few classic hollywood actors, etc. and I love finding more along that niche. Getting tagged for tags is fun and makes me feel loved, and it’s just a very wonderful community.

aaron-burden-25844it’s incredibly difficult to get followers, but that’s ok

Okay apparantly followers just don’t happen for me? I’ve been here for two years, and I still only have IUO:WEIFURIOEWUROIUQO{I_(*#* followers. So that is a bit depressing, but one of my blogging goals this year is to simply not care about the stats. I may not have a lot of followers but the little followers I do have are pretty awesome. Would I like to have a nice amount of followers? Well yeah of course, but it’s not the end of the world, and I don’t blog for the numbers so it’s ok, but like it would be a nice pat on the back to finally reach my goal.

freestocks-org-160637inspiration comes from anywhere

I don’t really know how my posts get written. The littlest random thing while pop into my head and BOOM I’ve got a post. Sometimes I have 30 posts sitting in my drafts waiting to get published, while other times I go months without thinking of anything good and I have to resort to my tags (not that those aren’t bomb-diggity). Also I think I currently have over 40 titles for which I don’t have an actual post written up for, simply a title I know could be genius. I guess that’s how I often write my posts, I think of a good title and the rest normally works itself out.

jeremy-bishop-102629 there are so many things I still don’t know how to use/do on WordPress

I only have one page, because even after all my research I can’t figure out how to make another one. I rarely remember how to get to my admin controls. And so much other stuffage.

although in this post all the photos are from Unsplash

being able to share my photos and poems and such on here is a great outlet

As I mentioned earlier, I so many of my thoughts and creative abilities would be sitting idle if I didn’t have this blog. It’s so wonderful to be able to actually do something with it.

my lil’ baby is two today, so round of applause for my blog.

*throws confetti* *passes out cookie dough* *is awesome* *bows* *catches flowers* *accepts gifts in the form of million dollar checks or large bowls of cookie dough* *waves happily*

Anyways, thank you to each and every one of you who has supported and encouraged me on this attempt to be classic. My time past had been simply smashing, and I’m thrilled to watch the future of the blog.


Happy ‘It’s My Blog’s Birthday’ day!


The Animation Tag

Olivia (thanks, Olivia!) @ Meanwhile, in Rivendell (a beautiful blog, folks, go check it out!) tagged me for this tag. She tagged me a very long time ago, so I apologize for taking so long. I haven’t done a tag in ages, so I’m a little rusty. But here goes.

Let us begin! (Like Olivia, I’m including any animated movie I want to, not just Disney. Because it doesn’t say ‘Disney animated tag’ just animated ;D)


1. Who’s you favourite animated heroine?

#1I tried really hard to just choose one… but so many kept coming to mind! I narrowed it down to four, though. #progress      I would say Jane Porter from Tarzan. She is brave and amusing and I love her facial expressions, and she’s silly and wonderful. Violet Parr is also awesome. Her sass and the way she pretends to be all tough is really kinda sweet. Rapunzel is amazing. i could go on about her, but basically she’s just awesome. And finally Miriam, from Prince of Egypt. She is underated, but she is so amazing. She is brave and stands up for what she believes, and she’s the one who (in the movie) reminds Moses of his home and family, his people. She is there for everyone, ready to slap you in the face if you need it, but just as ready to hug you.


2. Who’s your favourite animated hero?

#2Again (and I have the feeling for many of these questions) I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. I love Ralph from Wreck-It-Ralph, he is a bad guy in a video game, but he’s tired of being bad. So he goes on a journey to become a good guy. Eugene, Eugene,  I love him. The way he falls in love with Rapunzel is so beautiful, and he’s so funny. Also, of course, the smolder ;D  Sully is one of my all time favorite movie characters. I adopted him as my monster dad (’cause those are real). And lastly, Carl, from Up. He is a grouch… but a softy! I think I’ll actually be similar to him when I get old hahaha!


3. If there was to be a sequel (or even a third, fourth, or fifth part) (and then I don’t mean like Frozen Fever and Tangled Ever After, those short movies, but a real one) of an animated movie, what would you like it to be about?
ratat2OH MY GOSH I HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVER. This is a prequel, not a sequel but same dif. Make me a movie about this guy. Anton Ego. Tell us more about his childhood. It would have happy moments. I bet his mother died, and obviously he was picked on as a child. Then he moved to France when he was old enough. And fell in love. And was an amazing chef. But then the girl he was in love with, idk, left or something, and he was heartbroken. He was tired of the cruel world. And so he became a cynic. BOOM. Pretty sure I’m a genius. Yep. CALL PIXAR. I honestly think this would be one of the best movies. ever. I just adore the first movie, the accents, the setting, the culinary flares, everything! But this would be a slower, more moving, beautiful movie. *sighs*


4. Which couple from an animated movie do you think is highly underrated? 

motziMOSES AND TZIPPORAH. I never hear about them. And they’re both awesome individually, but also their lives together *nods head*. Yep.

underatedAlso, Pacha and Chicha. Their relationship is so normal, seemingly everyday type of love (but hey that’s what matters most) and they love each other. Also, she’s so cool! Frying pans, who knew, right?


5. Which couple do you like most?

cou1Carl and Ellie. *sniffles* Just yes.

cou3 Tarzan and Jane. I love EVERY OUNCE OF THEM TOGETHER. ahem…

cou4And lastly, Rapunzel and Eugene. #adorable


6. Which song is your favorite?


WHAT. EXCUSE ME. HOW CAN I CHOOSE?!?! So many! Umm… Once Upon a Decmeber from Anastasia (don’t like the movie tho). I See the Light from Tangled. Any of the Toy Story songs. Prince of Egypt soundtrack. Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes and So This is Love from Cinderella. Turnaround from The Little Prince. Peter Pan soundtrack. Something There from Beauty and the Beast. Jungle Book songs.


7. And if you should choose a song that isn’t likely to be chosen by you, one that didn’t immediately come up in your mind but is still a favourite, which one would it be?

bepre*cerebellum fuses* I don’t know! Um… Oh, okay, so normally I really don’t like the Villain songs in Disney movies, but Be Prepared. It like gives me chills!


8. What animation movie did you first think you wouldn’t like, but eventually you did? 



I was not expecting to like this movie. The Little Prince. I had heard it was boring. And I guess it kinda is, but it was somehow captivating throughout the entire movie. The three styles of animation, the ideas, the plot twists, all of it. I loved this movie.


9. Which two do you always consider as a couple, even though they are not a definite couple, but almost no one else does? 

No idea…


10. Which girl from an animated movie has the best hair?

besthair Okay, I know how hard it is to have hair that’s difficult to manage. But look at hers. She doesn’t have to even do anything and it looks crazy (in both sense of the words, crazy good and just plain crazy) amazing. #effortless  I would feel like a crazy warrior and feel scottish and like it would just be #fab.


11. Who has the best wardrobe?


ariel2Ariel’s dresses are so pretty, some ballgowns, her wedding dress, some other styles, just like so nice. I also love Aurora’s wardrobe, for the most part. And Merida’s wardrobe would be awesome.

12. Which sidekick is the best according to you?

kronkKronk. No doubt about it.


13. What’s your favourite Disney princess movie?


disneyp2Both have amazing places in my heart. I just can’t choose between them. I like Rapunzel and Eugene and the visuals in Tangled best, but the supporting characters and the actual story in Beauty in the Beast are so awesome. Both have an equally good soundtrack. So yep, both.


14. What’s your favourite animated movie (no Disney princess movies included)? 

favmoPrince of Egypt, like oh my gosh it’s soundtrack and the characters, just everything.

Toy Story 2, how can you get better?

Monster Inc. is so very wonderful in every way, Sully, Mike, and Boo? Best trio ever.


15. What is your Disney personality?

confusedI don’t know…


16. Which animated girl do you think looks most like you (in looks, not in character)?

idkNone of them…

17.  Which statement do you think is true and which not (you know, those things on Pinterest that say…for example: That Elsa and Anna are Rapunzels cousins, and that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s brother or that the oldest girl from Despicable Me is maybe Riley’s mom from Inside Out)?

e79ddb9d2ec600aba68db0632d1e2599^This one. I no longer care about the whole cousins thing, like whatever, believe what you will, but the Tarzan being related to Anna and Elsa… that offends me. Like if you know me, you know that I don’t like Frozen at all, and I love Tarzan so…

18. What animated movie did you expect much of, but turned out to be much worse than you originally thought? 

nopeUm hmmm. Iron Giant was awful. That was just one weird movie. I also was pretty disapointed with Anastasia and Hercules. Like I turned off Hercules because I thought it was so lame, and Anastasia had some really nice parts but overall just not my type of movie. It’s sad because both of those movies are so hyped up. I was expecting something awesome but it just didn’t happen.



So there we have it! The animation tag! I’m not tagging anybody, but if you want to use it feel free. Thanks for reading!

(also, random note, my blogiversary is on Thursday, any follows are appreciated!)

What are some of your favorite animated movies? How about some that disappointed you?

heart of valentine

this pic is mine, the rest in this post are from Unsplash

Valentine’s Day. The day for romance, love, chocolates, and flowers. If you don’t have a ‘special someone’ you might simply show your appreciation to family and friends, while also stuffing your face with chocolate that you bought for yourself.

The idea of modern day Valentine’s is a sweet one, I suppose. Love should be celebrated, and there’s nothing wrong with having a special day set aside to really show that.

But (and you probably saw this coming), there’s a deeper layer to Valentine’s day. And it (like most holidays) has some pretty pagan roots. On the other hand, the men named Valentine, stood for some pretty amazing things and paid the price for it.

Here are some interesting stats about Valentine’s day:

this interesting stats graphic is from History

Valentine’s Day most original roots are from the pagan festival, Lupercalia, with some nasty origins about fertility and such. After Christianity became the official religion of the Roman state, newly converted Christians combined their festival, Lupercalia, with a day to celebrate the martyr, Valentine. Their hearts may have been in the right place but mixing the two brought many pagan traditions and symbolism along for the ride. Also, many of the symbols of Valentine’s day have pagan roots as well, from cupids to roses. Consider this verse when thinking about religions being mixed:

“29 When he destroys the nations in the land where you will live, 30 don’t follow their example in worshiping their gods. Do not ask, ‘How do these nations worship their gods?’ and then go and worship as they do! 31 You must not insult the Lord your God like that! These nations have done horrible things that he hates, all in the name of their religion. They have even roasted their sons and daughters in front of their gods.”
~Deuteronomy 12:29-31

On the other hand, modern Valentine’s Day is in no way associated with God anymore, unless you’re really reaching, so I guess it’s no longer mixing our culture and God, it’s just our culture. Which brings up even more reasons why it might be okay to celebrate it, and might not be.


Chaucer (in the poem ‘The Parliament of Foules’) and Shakespeare (in ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream’, ‘Hamlet’, and more) both popularized and romanticized Valentine’s Day, turning it away from both its roots (the festival and Valentine), and making it simply a romantic occasion.

Saint Valentine may have actually been two or three men named Valentine, all whom were martyred around the same time and their stories may have been blended into the one story we now have. Either way, long ago, Emperor Claudius II decided that soldiers who were not married made better soldiers than married ones with wives and families. So being the awesome (#sarcasm) guy he was, he outlawed marriage for young men. A priest named Valentine, however, knew this was unfair and evil, and continued performing marriage services for young folks. He also may have helped Christians escape from Roman prisons, and was sent to jail. Legend goes that Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, and the night before his death, sent her a letter signed “From your Valentine”, a rather swoon worthy story, I must admit.


When I was young, we never made much of an occasion about Valentine’s day, we were each given a book, my aunt would send us a box of gifts and goodies (she still does most years), when we participated in a homeschool co-op we would give each other cheap valentines with pencils or candy, and give sugar cookies to the elderly, and my parents would have a romantic dinner sometimes, if I’m remembering correctly.


Nowadays, I may listen to some love songs, and contemplate making myself something yummy and be too lazy (although I do that every day, not just Valentine’s Day) I shall, however think about the lives that have been given for the cause of love and God and I shall perhaps read a romantic poem or two, and listen to the AIO episode about Valentine, and wait in anxious anticipation to see if my aunt has decided we’re too old for the lovely box.

Honestly I’m not even sure what my complete opinion of celebrating Valentine’s Day is, and since I’m still young and have no one to buy chocolate for, I don’t really care much.

Nothing I’ve said here is to offend you, mostly to tell you a very interesting story about a brave man, and point out somethings that are worth weighing in before decorating your house with cupids 😉


Well what do you think? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Thoughts?

h e a r t

image credit: Unsplash

h e a r t

by M.L.

A glass heart is broken and shattered.
All around, my memories scatter.

Shards of glass feelings,
and delicate crystal dealings.

The tears. The pain. The agony.
It’s more than I can bear.

The splinters of glass try to pierce my ruby soul
Inside its metal snare.

What is this chaos,
this uncomprehensible madness?

I do not know, only that it brings
an overwhelming sadness.

If I get a second chance,
for which I greatly bemoan,

I shall trade my glass heart
for one of stone.

flashlight > sun


A  N    E  X  P  R  E  S  S  I  O  N    O  F    P  O  E  T  I  C  A  L    T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

an original poem

F l a s h l i g h t  >  S u n
b y  M. L.

a flashlight in the daytime does no good,

unless you are looking into dark corners.

but a flaslight is practically useless

when the sun is shining.

the sun does go down eventually, though.

some people think it is sad,

i think it’s beautiful.

because then, us flashlights are put to use.

it may only be for a small while,

but we feel our worth.

and in those few hours;

a flashlight is greater than the sun.


Y’all! I’m so excited! It’s almost my blog’s second birthday (say whaaaaat??!) and I’m really looking forward to having myself lots of happiness on that day. Also I’m the bestest at grammaring.

The long anticipated date is February 22, and it’s fast arriving.

But here’s where I need your help!

This blog, obviously, is not about the numbers but, looking around at other blogs (seeing blogs that have only been running for a few months and already have 150+ followers) is making me feel a little… under accomplished.

I only need 20 more followers to reach that amazing milestone of 100 followers! Please spread the word or if you’re reading this and you don’t follow, please do. (If you’re using a computer there’s a subscription box on the right side, if your on a mobile device scroll way down ’til you find it.)

At the same time, I don’t just want empty numbers, so if you don’t think you’d actually read the blog or enjoy it, then don’t feel like you need to follow/subscribe.

But if you DO have any interest in reading this lil’ ol’ blog of mine, I would love to have you follow along!

Thank you all so much for your support! It means the world to me!

100??! Can we do it?

Sweet 16


The day has finally come, folks. The day where I stop procrastinating and actually post these pictures from an event that happened over a month ago #IPutTheProInProcrastinate. So without further ado I shall show you. (Fun fact; did anyone know that the ‘ado’ in ‘without further ado’ means ‘hubbub/flurry/fuss’? I sure didn’t. And that explains why Shakespeare named his place ‘Much Ado about Nothing’, I never understood that before. *ahem* anyways…)

For my sixteenth birthday party, I had an elaborate costume party, in which you had to come dressed as a movie character. I had been planning this seriously for a year, and speculating about it for even longer. I have always wanted to dress up, like really dress up.

I have, hanging in my closet, an actual ball gown, with tons of layers, a hoop skirt, puffed neckline, etc. From the moment I saw the movie Cinderella (2015), I knew I wanted to wear her blue dress someday. The dress isn’t exact, but it was still so fun to wear. It was a little ill fitting but hey, it came from China through eBay and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality.

The night before the party was also a ton of fun, making the cake, eating too much junk food, our tongues turning blue, wrestling a dog out of it’s cage, and, of course, watching Cinderella (2015). I cried a lot, the best movie ever. I had so much fun with my four friends and my sister, y’all are the the best!

The party was so much work (ahem not to mention money *cough cough*) but it was so worth it. Thanks so much to all my friends and family who contributed so much help, hard work, supplies, pizza consuming, and ideas. The party was better than I ever hoped for, thanks to all of you. Also to all my guests (except one), THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY COMING IN A COSTUME. Out of thirty people, only one person was a party-pooper. I was so happy, I was not expecting many people to have a costume.

Thanks to Ashley for coming in last minute to take pictures at the party 🙂

Onto the pictures:


The invitations were written by hand. By me. I think I did 22 of them. It was a lot of hard work and they don’t look perfect but I ‘m pretty happy with how they turned out!

IMG_1179It was so exciting getting all the pieces, whether for my costume or for the decorations, it was so fun (albeit stressful) gathering it all.


It looked much better in person btw

We hardly got any pictures of the decorations at all, or the table full of food, except two. I took a few on my phone the next day, but it’s not really the same. Oh well. You can get the gist by these. The decor theme was winter, with a hint of Cinderella and movie. The games and activities were either about me, or about movies.


The top of the dress was not very accurate to the movie, and a bit too large, but all that was quickly forgotten because just moving around in it was so incredible. I hope to do an actual photo shoot (and a photo shoot of ‘Susan’/my best friend whom you will see in a moment) of me in the dress, especially once we get our swing put up. Besides swishing around in it, the colors are stunning, I was so impressed with it. Also bad news, guys, I cannot curl my hair for the life of me. Like I tried so many times with several different tools and I just couldn’t. I didn’t ask anyone else to help because I knew everyone was getting ready. Except my dad bu that would have been no help. But the sparkles in my hair turned out so much better than I expected! They stayed in the whole time and I think they captured the effect perfectly. The bad news is, the ‘slippers’ i spent about 5$ on and probably 20 minutes making fell apart almost right away, the butterflies fell off and we just couldn’t repair it. But no one could really tell that I was barefoot, because I was under all those layers of beautiful dress.





here they are being read the answer key to the quiz about me.

signSo I made this pretty sign ^ that said ‘Melissa’s Sweet 16’ for people to sign, ya know, and this one kid wrote “I’M BATMAN. Since I have never been I have no advice. ~Batman” I’m still laughing.




Okay, so my favorite thing we did was play a game where a snippet of a song from a movie would be played, and the two teams would rush to ring (or fling as ended up happening) the bell first. They would guess and if they were wrong the next team could guess. Not everyone played, but those of us who did had a good time. ‘Cleopatra’ from the left side and myself (on the right) knew almost all them, so much so that we had to sit out for a while so the others had a chance to play.

photos with me family by family and some of the gals and then the group photo

Melissa’s Sweet Sixteen costume party attendees (not sure on all the names but this is what I think) :

Ella (Cidnerella 2015), Sara (Serendipity), Zipporah (Prince of Egypt), Clark Kent (Superman), Ellie (Jurassic Park), 3 Jawas (Star Wars), Dr. Quinn (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman), Alice (Alice in Wonderland) a party pooper, Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange), Little Joe Cartwright (Bonanza), Susan Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe), Sherlock Holmes (not sure which movie), Batman (Batman Begins), Elizabeth Swan (Pirates of the Carribean), Cleopatra (Cleopatra), Elsa (Frozen), Wesley (Princess Bride), Princess Lea (Star Wars), another Cleopatra, Marmee (Little Women), Captain America (Captain America; First Avenger), Darth Vader (Star Wars), Han Solo (Star Wars), Heidi (Heidi), Jack-Jack (Incredibles), Bob (What About Bob), and Violet (Series of Unfortunate Events [the movie not the show]).

Susan Pevensie won the best costume award since she and her grandma homemade it all! Elsa and Princess Lea were close seconds. Everyone was amazing though!

This party was so amazing, I’m so grateful for everything about it. I don’t know how we pulled it off, but we did!

Keep your eyes out for a photo shoot of Cinderella (and hopefully Susan Pevensie as well) in a few months. (I need to wait for our swing to be put up, drier weather, and to fix the top of my dress).

Hope you enjoyed the photos!! Which costume is your favorite?

Liebster Award


The Bookshop Barista (I love that name) nominated me for the ‘Liebster Award’. To be honest, I don’t know if any of us bloggers knows what that means, at least I sure didn’t. So I looked up the word and I think it basically means ‘dearest’. Anyways, check out the Bookshop Barista’s lovely blog.

Onto the rules;

The Rules:

1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award.

2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you.

3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 11 blogs. (I am NOT going to nominate that many people… That’s a lot of people.)

5. Notify those blogs of their nomination.

6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Now for the questions, my dears.

1. Favorite book?


Well I wouldn’t say I have an all-time favorite book, but one of my favorites is Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Such a beautiful, sad, moving, and important book.

2. What type of music do you find yourself listening to most?


Okay so I use Spotify to listen to music, and if you have premium, they give you a review of your year at the end of the year, and they tell you cool stuff like what artist and what song and what genre you listened to most. It told me the genre I listened to most is ‘Neo Mellow’ which I had absoloutly no idea that a genre named that even existed. Anyways, the genre includes songs by Five for Fighting, Daniel Powter, Gregory Alan Isakov, and The Head and the Heart. So almost indie chill sorta? But I listen to soooooo many types of music, 40s, 50s, 60s, country, pop, Christian, indie, instrumental, crooners, jazz, folk music, opera, soundtrack, bluegrass, and even a little electronic. So yeah…

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


Italy. Without a doubt. I’ve always wanted to live there, and when we visited there, I knew that would have to. I’m seriously hoping to live there for at least 6 months when I’m like in my 20s.

4. Have any siblings? How many?


Yes! I have six siblings, all older than me. (I also have two brothers-in-law and a sister-in-law.) We also babysit my two nephews during week days, so they’re basically like little brothers.

5. What color is you bedroom?

FullSizeRender (25)
here you can see some of the blue with the white.

Oh yeah! I was gonna do a room tour! Once I finsh putting up all my decor I shall do that. Anyways I have several colors in my room. I have a dark indigo wall with white splotted all over, like a night sky. I have a mellow soft-ish blue on most of the other walls and the ceiling, and in my window seat I have a pinkish-red (the only pink I actually like) that reflects sunlight so beautifully.

6. Do you like road trips? Or not so much?


Yeah! For the most part. I normally enjoy them. I wish cars were more comfortable and everyone could control their own air with out affecting other people, but I love listening to music, reading books, watching movies, eating snacks, taking pictures, seeing new places, and staring out the window dramatically.

7. Is there any food you will not eat for anything?


Well I mean for a couple thousand dollars maybe, but yeah, I’m a picky eater. I don’t like tomatoes, meat that has pink, mangoes, coconut/coconut flavored things, and lots more.

8. What are your hobbies?

FullSizeRender (29)

Well, photography, blogging, crafting, painting, singing,  pretending/attempting to play guitar, banjo, and ukulele, thrift shopping, movies, pinterest, and eating haha.

9. Favorite movie?


Wow so many tough questions. I’m gonna go with Mary Poppins, The Patriot, Return to Me, Enchanted, Saving Mr. Banks, Cinderella (2015), and Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. But I like so many movies.

10. Favorite musical? If you have one.



Probably Mary Poppins and Sound of Music. Because Julie Andrews = But I do enjoy many musicals.

11. Favorite/usual coffee drink? It can be tea if you’re not a coffee person.


Makes me happy you noted that maybe not everyone in the world loves coffee. I personally dislike coffee. So I love Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai Tea, and basically any chai tea. But tea in general is just awesome. Also hot cocoa is amazing.

Alright, now for eleven random facts about me:

  1. I am basicaly allergic to Asian cuisine. Even the smell nauseates me.
  2. I fell out a second story window once. Now, thankfully, I didn’t land on the ground, there was a roof beneath, but it was very scary. I was probably eight or so.
  3. I have technically been to five countries, because, the Vatican in Italy is actually the smallest country in the world. I don’t normally count it though.
  4. I really don’t like white chocolate. At all. There’s this one type of cookie that is dipped in white chocolate and that’s about the only white chocolate thing I like.
  5. I’ve had this blog for almost two years!
  6. I have never broken a bone.
  7. I have held a baby fox before, at a wildlife rescue thingy at our old library.
  8. I am afraid of frogs, sharp things that can puncture my skin, and wading deep in a big body of water.
  9. I strongly dislike the smell of lavender.
  10. I like old movies and music. And by old I mean 1930s-1950s, not like the 90s.
  11. Rain makes me incredibly happy. Also, I always prefer to be colder than warmer.

That was so difficult, way more difficult than you would think. I don’t know why coming up with eleven facts is so hard but it is.

Here are the questions for the the people I am nominating:

  1. What book were you expecting to be amazing, but it wasn’t?
  2. Have you any irrational fears?
  3. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  4. If you could have lived in any decade, which decade would that be?
  5. Which do you think is more poetical: The sea, or the sky?
  6. How long have you had your blog?
  7. What do you think of people who buy everything name brand?
  8. Have you ever seen a play in a theater? If so which ones and how many?
  9. What fictional world do you wish you could live in?
  10. Does the idea of being a celebrity or famous person appeal to you?
  11. If you could eat any food right this minute, what would it be?

Now to tag some people. Not eleven, but some. I nominate:

And that’s all I’m gonna nominate. Note to those of you whom I did nominate, please do nooooot feel obligated to do the tag, it’s fine if you don’t, my feelings will not be hurt haha, I just think y’all deserve the award 😉

What’s your irrational fears? What’s your emotions on lavender? Thanks for reading 😀