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Olivia (thanks, Olivia!) @ Meanwhile, in Rivendell (a beautiful blog, folks, go check it out!) tagged me for this tag. She tagged me a very long time ago, so I apologize for taking so long. I haven’t done a tag in ages, so I’m a little rusty. But here goes.

Let us begin! (Like Olivia, I’m including any animated movie I want to, not just Disney. Because it doesn’t say ‘Disney animated tag’ just animated ;D)


1. Who’s you favourite animated heroine?

#1I tried really hard to just choose one… but so many kept coming to mind! I narrowed it down to four, though. #progress      I would say Jane Porter from Tarzan. She is brave and amusing and I love her facial expressions, and she’s silly and wonderful. Violet Parr is also awesome. Her sass and the way she pretends to be all tough is really kinda sweet. Rapunzel is amazing. i could go on about her, but basically she’s just awesome. And finally Miriam, from Prince of Egypt. She is underated, but she is so amazing. She is brave and stands up for what she believes, and she’s the one who (in the movie) reminds Moses of his home and family, his people. She is there for everyone, ready to slap you in the face if you need it, but just as ready to hug you.


2. Who’s your favourite animated hero?

#2Again (and I have the feeling for many of these questions) I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. I love Ralph from Wreck-It-Ralph, he is a bad guy in a video game, but he’s tired of being bad. So he goes on a journey to become a good guy. Eugene, Eugene,  I love him. The way he falls in love with Rapunzel is so beautiful, and he’s so funny. Also, of course, the smolder ;D  Sully is one of my all time favorite movie characters. I adopted him as my monster dad (’cause those are real). And lastly, Carl, from Up. He is a grouch… but a softy! I think I’ll actually be similar to him when I get old hahaha!


3. If there was to be a sequel (or even a third, fourth, or fifth part) (and then I don’t mean like Frozen Fever and Tangled Ever After, those short movies, but a real one) of an animated movie, what would you like it to be about?
ratat2OH MY GOSH I HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVER. This is a prequel, not a sequel but same dif. Make me a movie about this guy. Anton Ego. Tell us more about his childhood. It would have happy moments. I bet his mother died, and obviously he was picked on as a child. Then he moved to France when he was old enough. And fell in love. And was an amazing chef. But then the girl he was in love with, idk, left or something, and he was heartbroken. He was tired of the cruel world. And so he became a cynic. BOOM. Pretty sure I’m a genius. Yep. CALL PIXAR. I honestly think this would be one of the best movies. ever. I just adore the first movie, the accents, the setting, the culinary flares, everything! But this would be a slower, more moving, beautiful movie. *sighs*


4. Which couple from an animated movie do you think is highly underrated? 

motziMOSES AND TZIPPORAH. I never hear about them. And they’re both awesome individually, but also their lives together *nods head*. Yep.

underatedAlso, Pacha and Chicha. Their relationship is so normal, seemingly everyday type of love (but hey that’s what matters most) and they love each other. Also, she’s so cool! Frying pans, who knew, right?


5. Which couple do you like most?

cou1Carl and Ellie. *sniffles* Just yes.

cou3 Tarzan and Jane. I love EVERY OUNCE OF THEM TOGETHER. ahem…

cou4And lastly, Rapunzel and Eugene. #adorable


6. Which song is your favorite?


WHAT. EXCUSE ME. HOW CAN I CHOOSE?!?! So many! Umm… Once Upon a Decmeber from Anastasia (don’t like the movie tho). I See the Light from Tangled. Any of the Toy Story songs. Prince of Egypt soundtrack. Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes and So This is Love from Cinderella. Turnaround from The Little Prince. Peter Pan soundtrack. Something There from Beauty and the Beast. Jungle Book songs.


7. And if you should choose a song that isn’t likely to be chosen by you, one that didn’t immediately come up in your mind but is still a favourite, which one would it be?

bepre*cerebellum fuses* I don’t know! Um… Oh, okay, so normally I really don’t like the Villain songs in Disney movies, but Be Prepared. It like gives me chills!


8. What animation movie did you first think you wouldn’t like, but eventually you did? 



I was not expecting to like this movie. The Little Prince. I had heard it was boring. And I guess it kinda is, but it was somehow captivating throughout the entire movie. The three styles of animation, the ideas, the plot twists, all of it. I loved this movie.


9. Which two do you always consider as a couple, even though they are not a definite couple, but almost no one else does? 

No idea…


10. Which girl from an animated movie has the best hair?

besthair Okay, I know how hard it is to have hair that’s difficult to manage. But look at hers. She doesn’t have to even do anything and it looks crazy (in both sense of the words, crazy good and just plain crazy) amazing. #effortless  I would feel like a crazy warrior and feel scottish and like it would just be #fab.


11. Who has the best wardrobe?


ariel2Ariel’s dresses are so pretty, some ballgowns, her wedding dress, some other styles, just like so nice. I also love Aurora’s wardrobe, for the most part. And Merida’s wardrobe would be awesome.

12. Which sidekick is the best according to you?

kronkKronk. No doubt about it.


13. What’s your favourite Disney princess movie?


disneyp2Both have amazing places in my heart. I just can’t choose between them. I like Rapunzel and Eugene and the visuals in Tangled best, but the supporting characters and the actual story in Beauty in the Beast are so awesome. Both have an equally good soundtrack. So yep, both.


14. What’s your favourite animated movie (no Disney princess movies included)? 

favmoPrince of Egypt, like oh my gosh it’s soundtrack and the characters, just everything.

Toy Story 2, how can you get better?

Monster Inc. is so very wonderful in every way, Sully, Mike, and Boo? Best trio ever.


15. What is your Disney personality?

confusedI don’t know…


16. Which animated girl do you think looks most like you (in looks, not in character)?

idkNone of them…

17.  Which statement do you think is true and which not (you know, those things on Pinterest that say…for example: That Elsa and Anna are Rapunzels cousins, and that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s brother or that the oldest girl from Despicable Me is maybe Riley’s mom from Inside Out)?

e79ddb9d2ec600aba68db0632d1e2599^This one. I no longer care about the whole cousins thing, like whatever, believe what you will, but the Tarzan being related to Anna and Elsa… that offends me. Like if you know me, you know that I don’t like Frozen at all, and I love Tarzan so…

18. What animated movie did you expect much of, but turned out to be much worse than you originally thought? 

nopeUm hmmm. Iron Giant was awful. That was just one weird movie. I also was pretty disapointed with Anastasia and Hercules. Like I turned off Hercules because I thought it was so lame, and Anastasia had some really nice parts but overall just not my type of movie. It’s sad because both of those movies are so hyped up. I was expecting something awesome but it just didn’t happen.



So there we have it! The animation tag! I’m not tagging anybody, but if you want to use it feel free. Thanks for reading!

(also, random note, my blogiversary is on Thursday, any follows are appreciated!)

What are some of your favorite animated movies? How about some that disappointed you?


22 thoughts on “The Animation Tag

  1. Pacha & Chicha! Yes! They are way underrated.
    Nice to see The Prince of Egypt mentioned, too. My sisters and I used to watch it all the time back when we still had a VHS player. 🙂 It’s definitely a good one.
    17) I recently saw that Tangled fan theory on Pinterest and was like YES. Just yes.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ahh, fabulous answers! Thanks for filling it out and for the shoutout for my blog 🙂

    Awww, we shall have to disagree about Anastasia/Frozen/etc., but I enjoyed reading your answers!

    Pacha and Chicha! I would never have thought of them!

    Ahhhh, Tarzan is such a fabulous movie. Like, it’s amazing. xD “Thaaaaat’s IT! I have HAD it with you and your emotional CONSTIPATION!” I just . . . xD And Tarzan and Jane are adorable!

    I love the visuals of Tangled, too.

    Your picture choices were so fantastic! I’ll have to steal some. 😛

    Merida’s hair! How could I forget. Didn’t I hear that it took the animators 7 years to complete her hair alone??

    A prequel with Anton Ego! Yes! Love that movie, too. (Oh, and are you excited for The Incredibles 2?!?! It comes out on my birthday. :D)

    Lovely post! Hope you’re doing well 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank YOU for having tagged me!

      Yeah I know, I’m definitely set apart from the crowd for not liking those movies, especially frozen.

      Right?? They’re so underrated.

      YES! *high fives you* Tarzan has amazing characters and it’s so quotable and just wonderful.


      Maybe wow?! I’ve never heard that! It’ll bet it was super hard to do tho!

      Hahaha I thought the Anton Ego thing was creative. And yes! I’m excited but also very hesitant, that they’ll mess it up and such. Aw cool!

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment!


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