An Announcement: OWW


One Word Wednesday!

Dum dee da dum! *dramatic fanfare* *bowing* *clapping*

Anyways. OWW is going to be something I’ll be trying out for a while.

Each Wednesday (hopefully every week) I will put up a very short post. It will have a photograph that was taken by yours truly, and a word.

It might be a word that has an interesting definition (and I’ll include the definitions sometimes if I feel the need), or a word that’s pretty, or fun to say, etc.

Also, be on the lookout for two more announcement-type posts that will be important for you to read, plus a change in the blog look should be coming soon for Summer, and a Spring Wrap Up.

So what do you think? Will One Word Wednesdays be a nice addition to the blog? Do you even want to see my photography and hear cool words?


13 thoughts on “An Announcement: OWW

    1. Thank you! Aw, I’m glad! Okay so I just had to look that word up, right? Of course I wasn’t expecting it to mean ‘The act of throwing something or someone out a window”!! That’s hilarious, I may just have to use that one!


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