A Typewriter and a Suitcase of Letters

Why aren’t letters popular anymore? Or typewriters? I’m so sad these things have become just another vintage fun item, instead of an everyday.

So as I was feeling nostalgic I decided to whip out my typewriter (which is like at least 10 pounds it seems like) and take out my grandparents old suitcase of letters.

I spent a lot of time sitting on the grass with the letters, typewriter, and my camera, but didn’t actually get many pictures as I was so caught up studying the handwriting, stamps and words of the letters.


One interesting thing I noticed is that my grandfather had nicer handwriting than almost all the women I know, like truly impressive lovely handwriting.

Why isn’t handwriting important anymore? That’s one thing I need to work on. Or how about this, look at this lovely heading;


“Esther Sweetheart,’ and look at that lovely handwriting! And this letter is from the 1940s!

These letters are so sweet, and sometimes they are really boring, and other times simply romantic. They wrote letters to each other forever it seems like while my Grandpa was serving in World War II.That’s all the comments I have, so enjoy these pictures.









8 thoughts on “A Typewriter and a Suitcase of Letters

  1. What a sweet & wonderful sharing Lizzy!🌺💕🎶!! I think I got into a somewhat similar space when I recently visited my mother for her 100th birthday celebration! One of the things I did during my extended visit (after the other celebrants were no longer around) was to look through some of the older albums from the ’20s, ’30s etc. My hope was to hear some of her early memories. It was bittersweet to see that she didn’t even recognize herself as that younger person!


    1. Thanks Caren, and just so you know, my name is spelled Lissy, not Lizzy 😛 Oh, that sounds delightful, to look through old memories with your mother!


  2. Lovely. ^-^ My sister Athelas has a typewriter, which we keep in our room… It’s lovely.

    It’s really cool that you can get out your family’s history like that and just read it. Those are a lot of letters!

    And, yes, the handwriting is wonderful. ^-^ My handwriting is legible, but it’s really plain. xP


    1. Aren’t typewriters the coolest??!
      Yes, it’s so amazing!
      I know, same here. I wish I had effortlessly beautiful handwriting, but alas, no such luck!


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