Blog’s 1st Birthday!

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My my! How time flies! Was it really a year ago (a year and a day, to be exact) that I first posted on ‘An Attempt to be Classic’??!

It’s been an interesting year, full of changes, excitement, boredom, and growth.

Blogging has definitely changed me. Yes, for the better. It’s been a crazy journey of finding my style (which I still don’t have, really), going from horrible to a little less than blah. I’ve gone from having so much inspiration for blog posts, to having none. I have rambled endlessly, and I have also said one or two eloquent things.

I don’t even know why I chose the title of my blog! I didn’t put much thought into it, and I think I could have done something better, but alas, I am stuck with it now. I look back at my first post, and whoa, was it horrible. I think I’ve gotten better since then, or at least I hope so. But whether I have or not, I have enjoyed entering the world of blogging. I have interacted with some pretty darn amazing people in the comments, and have loved discovering some really terrific blogs out there.

I have loved the feedback I’ve gotten, and every ‘like’ has made me so very happy. When someone comments, I am estatic. And each time someone follows my blog, my heart leaps with joy (only figuratively, thankfully).

Speaking of followers, I am trying to reach a goal of 100 followers this year. Right now, I only have a very measly 23, so please, if you aren’t already following, please, do so now!

Thank you all so much for coming along side me. To my family and friends who have supported/encouraged/inspired me. To my followers, commenters, and ‘likers’ who make me so happy! Please keep coming back, and whenever you feel like piping in, please do!

But, I think I ought to say this “Happy Birthday, An Attempt to be Classic!” You’re one years old! Hoorah! *throws glitter*

Now, I shall sprinkle this page with some gifs that describe my feelings about my 1 year ‘Blogversary’.

A collection of excitement GIFs that provide the perfect reaction for almost every thrilling and happy situation in your life.


14 Reasons Why Life Should Be More Like Singin In The Rain!!!
I’m obviously Don

So isn’t this great?! I’m so happy to have been doing this for a year! What are your thoughts? Will you help me reach my goal of 100 followers?

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I Love Jane Austen Week- the tag

Thank you to Hamlette @ Hamlette’s Soliloquy for making this fun tag!

1.  Which did you experience first, a Jane Austen book or a movie based on one?


It was a movie. I just don’t know if it was Pride and Prejudice (2005) or Sense and Sensibility (1995). My sister is sure it was the former, but I think it was the latter.

2.  What is your favorite Austen book?


I like Sense and Sensibility a whole lot, and also Northanger Abbey, but Pride and Prejudice is my favorite, and I do not wonder why it is her best known/loved work.

3.  Favorite heroine?  Why do you like her best?

e999dc2205e5e673e31feecc97587e3aThis is a great question. One that I don’t really have an answer to. I mean, movie wise, probably Emma Woodhouse from Emma (2009) and Jane Bennett from Pride and Prejudice (2005), but book wise probably  the Dashwood sisters. I love both Marianne and Elinor are both pretty great, with their virtues and faults, their ‘sisterliness’ and their sense and sensibility at times.

4.  Favorite hero?  Why do you like him best?           Mr. Bingley Emma Reaction GIFs - Knightley Edition 4

Okay. All of them? Perhaps Henry Tilney and Captain Wentworth if we are talking from the books. They are pretty terrific. From the movies, I love George Knightley from Emma (2009) and Charles Bingly from Pride and Prejudice (2005). I love Mr. Knightley because he’s amazing, and Bingly because of how quirky and amusing and adorably akward he is. Plus, his hair.

5.  Do you have a favorite film adaptation of Austen’s work?

Emma (Romola Garai) and Mr. Knightley (Jonny Lee Miller) in Emma by Jane Austen…     “Grace of Manner” | 10 Things You Didn't Know You Were Attracted To

Yes! I love Pride and Prejudice (2005) and Emma (2009). Pride and Prejudice is so visually pleasing, and the soundtrack is so amazing, and Rosamund Pike as Jane, and all that, and is a therefore very lovely movie. Emma is just wonderful. I’m not sure why I like it so much, but I do.  I binge-watched it when I was sick last year, and I loved almost every minute of it.

6.  Have your Austen tastes changed over the years?  (Did you start out liking one story best, but now like another better?  Did you think she was boring at first, then changed your mind?  Etc.)

when Iyloh gets involved:

In a way, yes. I thought I was going to hate her works, because my sister scared me into thinking ahead of time that she was boring. But I read eight of her novels in a row, and loved most of them. I still think they can be a bit redundant, and that sometimes it seems a bit formulaic.

7.  Do you have any cool Austen-themed things (mugs, t-shirts, etc)?

No, but I would love to have some! I would especially like:

Jane's Men / women's slouchy sweatshirt Jane Austen by Brookish:      Jane Austen Playing Cards   Mug with Jane Austen quotes. So cool!:   Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

8.  If you could ask Jane Austen one question, what would you ask her?

“Teach me your ways!” Or “how did you chose your character’s names?”

9.  Imagine someone is making a new film of any Jane Austen story you choose, and you get to cast the leads.  What story do you want filmed, and who would you choose to act in it?

Edward, Elinor, Colonel Brandon, Marianne, and Willoughby

Woah! Sounds awesome to do. Perhaps… Richard Madden as Edward Ferrars and… Anna Popplewell as Elinor Dashwood and Colin Ferrel as Colonel Brandon and Eliza Bennet as Marianne and Ioan Gruffudd as Willoughby to star in a new Sense and Sensibility? That’s either perfect or horrible and I don’t think it goes in between wonderful and disastrous. It’s one or the other.

10.  Share up to five favorite Jane Austen quotations!

24 Jane Austen Quotes That Still Ring True Today:
This is so true.

Her own thoughts and reflections were habitually her best companions. Mansfield Park, Jane Austen.:

To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love - Jane Austin #dance #quote:

INTJ Thoughts Tumblr 19 - My idea of good company is the company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company. - quote by - jane austen:

Well this was certainly a fun tag! I enjoyed doing it, especially since I’ve been out of ideas for any posts. Jane Austen, thank you for giving us these terrific books.

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My Current Doings

Cary Grant en “Historias de Filadelfia”. | 23 GIFs clásicos de Hollywood que son mejores que una máquina del tiempo
Just in case you aren’t my friend. I thought I’d be cordial to you.

Well, most of all, I am ready to give up on blogging because I am brain dead.   doing a whole lot of nothing. So isn’t that fun? I am also having a very hard time with blog post ideas and/or inspiration. I can’t think of anything to write about. So I am afraid that means I am going to annoy you with another poorly written post ranting about basically nothing whilst I hope that a lightbulb will flash suddenly in my head. Or perhaps you have a blog post idea? Or you were going to share what you do when you are ‘blog post idea dead’?

Anyways, moving on.


  • School school school. Also lagging and getting behind in school
  • Getting back to life after being sick (I wish I could say ‘wait, me sick??’ but I can’t)
  • A Lifestyle Challenge. I just started this today. It is a challenge I made up that has a rather random point system that probably I only understand (although even I don’t entirely understand it) and it challenges me in many aspects of life, namely Exercise, Food, Media, Writing, Cleaning, Spiritual, and a few other things. I have to do a certain amount and some other stuff and in the end, if I get enough points, my mother kindly agreed to purchasing me a dress as a way to encourage me.
  • Babysitting my nephews for a few days as my mom is out of town and my sister is sick, so I am the designated babysitter.

Black and White Desk Accessories on Marble | Product styling, prop styling, and photography by Shay Cochrane | <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a> | black and white desk, marble desk, beautiful workspace, home office inspiration, styled stock photography


  • I am outlining a novel(lla) about a girl named Daphne that takes place in the 1920s. That’s all I’ll say about that.
  • A skit about Esther (from the Bible) for Purim. It’s gonna be great. If all the kids in our fellowship cooperate, that is.Tips for Surviving Both NaNoWriMo and Life


  • My current ‘pleasure’ reading is: All the Wrong Questions #4 by Lemony Snicket
  • I’m reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis for school, and The Snowflake Man by Duncan C Blanchard.
  • With my nephews, for their school, I am reading them Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.

20 of the Most Beautiful Reading Animated GIFs



  • Nothing! Ha! I am not watching movies 2/7-3/9, allowing myself two exceptions. This is apart of the Lifestyle Challenge (see Doing above).

Listening to:

  • Lately I’ve been listening to soundtracks a lot, such as to superhero movies and the like when I am exercising so I feel heroic and pretend I have muscles, also to more peaceful soundtracks when writing.
  • To ‘We are Going to be Friends’ by The White Strips many times lately.
  • And literally right this moment I am listening to Cafe Europea playlist on Spotify.

What else would a music note listen to than himself!:


So there is a bit of a peek into my recent/current life. I hope it was stimulating enough that you didn’t fall asleep. Have good day and please, be a dearie, and comment if it isn’t too much trouble! 🙂

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Winter Wrap Up

Okay, I know Spring doesn’t officially start until March, but to me, it always starts in February. So my winter is over.

Winter was pretty uneventful. Honestly, I can’t think of hardly anything that happened this season. But I shall try to conjure up a few things…

The Best Thing That Happened to Me

My friends came and stayed for a week, and it was great hanging out with them, they are so fun! It was a little boring at times, but just being together was fun.

Random Miscellaneous-ness

learn how to play the banjo.:

I got to fiddle with a banjo, not for very long, but they are sooooooooooo much fun, and I really, really want to get one and learn how. It was so fun.

We did a Chanukah Skit that I wrote, directed, casted, etc., and it was hilarious. The kids from our home fellowship all did such a great job with their costumes and performance and the grown ups loved it as much as we did. We are looking forward to doing a Purim (the holiday about Esther) play in a month or so.

I fell in love with a cookie recipe I found on Pinterest,   and it is truly magical. You should make a million or two of them.

I went sledding in the snow and it was seriously fun. It was the first activity I’d done in the snow, so I was a little intimidated of sledding down the huge hill, and we did get a few scrapes and bruises, but even the long, long trek up the hill over 10 times was worth it.

This winter was pretty uneventful over all, but it was nice and relaxing. How about yours?

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