It’s My Birthday! Yay!!!

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So I am now another year older. Which is really quite surprising. This year seemed to speed by now that I look back, of course, it didn’t at certain points during the year, but. (okay that sentence made no sense…) I’m this many years old now but I’m not shocked (after all this does happen about once a year). On the other hand, I’ve never been this old before, so I suppose that’s something.

(And, okay, well technically, yesterday was my birthday, but we are doing all the celebrating today due to technical difficulties. Or I’m really spoiled and I don’t like Birthdays on Saturdays, or something like that.)

Life only happens once, live big with zero regrets, love and let go.  TL:

What I feel like about my gifts:

“Puffiest in the world. You are…of impeccable taste.” Of course I didn’t get any big 80’s Edwardian dress, and wasn’t quite that emotional, but still. I got a polaroid camera (!!!), an amazing messenger bag (!!), and gorgeous, truly beautiful Charles Dickens book (!!), an awesome Dean Martin record (!!) to play in our new Victrola, and several other terrific things as well!


Some of my wonderful presents!


Allllllll the fooooooooood… just mmmmmmm. Our traditional Birthday morning breakfast was wonderful as usual, is all the other food! Oh and lemon meringue pie for dessert! Simply to die for.

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We have (and still are) mostly spent the day rotting our brains, going to the movie theater, listening to music, thrift shopping, eating junk, watching more movies, eating more food. Also, in a week, two of my best friends who live a good deal away are coming and staying over a week as part of my celebration! Hooray!

I am interested to see how this year of my life goes. I need to get on top of the whole ‘driving’ thing and be ready to have some adventures.

But I really miss being a little girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Wah!

This is just to show how I feel when I’m talking about my not long ago childhood, not that I like pb&j

Happy Bir- oh wait, it’s my birthday! Thanks for reading 😀

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