Fictional Male Characters Tag

Same as the Female Characters Tag, (which I did here) I found this one on Coffee, Classics, and Craziness, which is just a great blog.

The rules are the same I think;

1.) List 5 of your favorite male characters (book or screen)

2.) Tagging other people is optional

3.) If you are tagged link back to the person that tagged you

4.) Link back to Revealed In Time (not endorsed by me)

The catagories are different, though;


1.) Hero

2.) Villain

3.) Anti-hero

4.) Best book-to-screen adaption

5.) Best character perception


1) Hero




Prince Kit~Cinderella (2015) Okay, he might not be the main character or even the definition of a hero, but he is to me! He is so good and kind and wonderful. He stays true to her. He sends all them to go look for her once she’s disappeared and actually went along to make sure she was found. He is so lovable and one of my favorite male characters. I also love his and his dad’s relationship. “It’s you, isn’t it?”

2) Villain


Ian~National Treasures Perhaps it’s just because I like Sean Bean so much, but he is just a very good villain in my opinion. Perfectly bad enough but also an interesting character. “I’ve arranged several operations of… questionable legality.”

I couldn’t choose just one, there were several that really stood out;

Jason Isaacs as Colonel William Tavington in The Patriot (2000):

Colonel William Tavington~ The Patriot Jason Isaacs is a brilliant actor. He portrays the charters he plays so well. And in this instance he is playing one of the most despicable and heartless characters I’ve seen on screen. He is a horrible, horrible, character, but it makes the movie all the better (more emotional, sob-worthy, heart-wrenching, etc). “But you said we’d be forgiven!” “And perhaps you will, but that is between you and God.”

3) Anti-Hero (a central character in a story who lacks the usual heroic attributes)

Quite fond of James McAvoy across the board, but I had to pin him in Mr. Tumnus mode, because who doesn't love Mr. Tumnus?:

Mr. Tumnus~Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe He really is a hero, but as he is cowardly and a traitor at first, you might not really think of him as being one, so that is why he is an anti-hero. He’s so lovable and funny, and it’s so sad to see him frozen by the White Witch when he chooses to do the right thing. (Not to mention, he’s pretty amazing at playing that Narnian flute.) “How would it be, if you came and had tea with me?”

4) Best book-to-screen adaption

Jim Carrey:

Count Olaf~ Series of Unfortunate Events I thought about doing him for the villain, but he really is so exactly like he should be. Like completely 100% spot on. He is just like he is in the book. “Wait! Give it to me again!”

5) Best character perception

Snubbing Mr. Banks: Why This Cautionary Tale for Dads Is a Tough Sell for Hollywood. READ this article and then go see the movie, k?:

Travers Goff~Saving Mr. Banks To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what ‘best character perception is, but I would assume it means a character that really is perfect for what it should be, and is portrayed really well. I would say Travers Goff is that. The character is so lovable and it just breaks your heart when he can’t be the perfect father you see glances of throughout the movie. He is so wonderful, but at the same time, so deeply flawed. “Don’t you ever stop dreaming.”


So there you go! That’s my answers for this tag, which was really quite fun to do!

Would any of these make your favorites in their categories? Do let me know what you think!

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