Autumn Wrap Up

Wow! I had an amazing wonderful Autumn, mostly for the reason of our terrific trip, which you already heard all about here, here, and here, so I won’t bore you more with that, but I’ll tell you a little about the rest of my autumn in a somewhat-well, kind of, brief overview.

Worst Thing that Happened to Me

I got sick with a very bad cold the day we arrived back in the states. That was awful, but things could have been worse.

Best Thing that Happened to Me

Uh, well this might be a bit obvious and I’m being a little redundant, but did I mention, WE WENT TO EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST!!! Okay so yeah, that’s the bestest ever.

If you do not have this on your board, you are wrong. Tangled.
By now this is probably what you’re all like when I mention my trip.

First Attendance to Outdoor Concert

Okay, so maybe this isn’t world travel, but it was pretty darn amazing! My sister and I volunteered to help at a Compassion Partnered Event, so it was Christian bands playing and we almost canceled last moment. We were tired, it was hours away, we didn’t feel like staying out late, and we weren’t sure if we’d even be able to see/hear the band we were looking forward to. Ended up we arrived, had very little work to do, were right, like right by the stage, and got to go up close to the stage and dance and sing with everyone else. We saw a band that, shall we say, had NO talent. But then we saw Relient K, the band I had grown up listening to and singing with and listening to with my brothers! So that was really cool and fun to watch, we also got to hear a brand new song of theirs that even their sound guys hadn’t heard. Okay, so cool, right, but then we got to see Switchfoot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, so I can’t really express how cool this was, I love Switchfoot so much and actually seeing them, especially Jon Foreman. He was so happy and it seemed like he appreciated us so much and was personally connecting with us, right from the stage. Singing along with some of my most favorite songs ever was so awesome!

PicMonkeyyy Collage.jpg

Enough Autumn Photography?

No… not really. I mean, sure, I took lots of pictures during our trip, but I didn’t really do hardly any afterwards (some on Thanksgiving but that was basically it) or before, so I didn’t catch the magicalness of the leaves transforming and such. Oh well 😦

A Few Little Random Things

I got reconnected to country music this season. I’m using Spotify premium, and it’s really nice (that is, if you’re careful what you look at/listen to). I’ve mostly been listening to Alan Jackson, Aaron Watson, and Tim McGraw. Sigh, they’re pretty amazing. I especially am in a phase of listening to Humble and Kind, Grown Men Don’t Cry, and My Old Friend, all by Tim McGraw.

I know you've got MOUNTAINS to climb but always stay HUMBLE & KIND. -Tim Mcgraw:

I drew so little this Fall, I’m pretty disappointed with myself! I did draw this sketch from a photograph, and it turned out better than drawing from a photo usually does for me. So that’s good I guess.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Like I said, it’s just a sketch, but I don’t think it was too bad for once, it’s really fun cartooning pictures, though.

My sister started a youth group/kid group thingy for our fellowship that has been going really well so far!

Umm, what else… mmm, I started playing the guitar! So that’s cool. I’m not good. At all. But it’s very fun!

Google Image Result for

I got some very cool/beautiful air plants and a cute little thingy to hod them!

I WENT TO EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST (I just thought I’d repeat that again, in case you missed it :P)!!

So, yep, there we go! That was my amazing fall that seemed to go soooo fast! I’ve been so blessed this season and I can’t wait to see what Winter has in store for me!

Paisatge en blanc i negre d'un carrer solitari, amb un home al fons. El fet que sigui en blanc i negre i que estigui plovent donen un estil dramátic al moment.:


7 thoughts on “Autumn Wrap Up

  1. I’m glad you had such a lovely autumn except for being sick!keep practicing the guitar, you’ll get really good, probably even amazing at it. & what a blessing it will be for you & others! Go girl!! You’re a natural! Btw, I heard you spent time in the Middle East (Israel no less) & Europe! Pretty awesome!!!


    1. Yes, me too! Thank you so much for the guitar encouragement, I kinda doubt it but thank you! Shucks, thank you! Haha. Yes it was pretty amazing ;D


      1. Well. Talent is just getting a head start on other people. Sometimes you’ve got to claw tooth and nail to catch up with that head start, but it’s the hard work that really matters in the long run. ^-^ Good luck to you!


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