Another Thanksgiving Gone


Ah, Thanksgiving came and Thanksgiving’s gone, it was a really good one, as they usually are. Although I felt horrific the whole night before, throughout the course of the day, I felt just fine, so that was one of many things I was thankful for.

We had some delicious food for breakfast/brunch, and my apple fritter monkey bread and coffee cake were big hits. Although there was some miscommunication about what time we were meeting, eventually all my siblings arrived at our house where we did our annual gift exchange. There some very amazing gifts given, including this incredible Victrola thingy that the rest of us were perty jealous of.

After a while the annual Ping Pong Tournament that takes place in our garage was underway and the festivities really began. Of course, our dad soundly smoked us all, as usual, with his crazy awesome ping pong skills.


The traditional hors d’oeuvres and drinks were served, with some new ones that had found their way. I had an awesome amazing time hanging out/conversing/ and just seeing my family, we were so blessed to have everyone of my six siblings and their families attend.

I got to use my camera a lot and did an awesome photo shoot of my brother and his girlfriend, they are both so photogenic and came up with a lot of cute poses.

After much jolliness, frivolity, jokes, and happiness, the turkey my brothers-in-law worked so hard on all day were finally ready, but then we relized the sun was going down and we still hadn’t taken family pictures. We rushed outside and took them, and they turned out good (not always so in our family’s history), another thing to be thankful for.


We sat down to a big dinner, there were twenty-one of us, and we talked and eat and talked and eat some more, although I didn’t eat much, because, I know it’s weird, but, I don’t like any of the traditional dinner food items except my dad’s excellent mashed potatoes. The turkeys looked fabulous and everyone loved them.


Eventually, we had dessert, I believe it was our third or fourth year doing a dessert contest, and (drumroll, please) I won!! Yay! I made a two layer pudding/peanut butter/oreo/candy/whipped creamy thing, that apparently went over well! There were lots of other really yummy desserts too, and we know this because out of the six desserts entered, five got a place, there was mine, that won, and four others that tied in second place, and the funny thing was, the other dessert that didn’t win at all, was also mine, so nobody even lost!

That’s mine, on the far right.

Afterwards we had a white elephant gift exchange and I ended up with something I liked for once, a nice candle lantern thingy. There were a few gifts that were flops, but that’s half the fun of a white elephant.

Sadly, people had to leave, and many goodbyes were said. It was a terrific Thanksgiving, we’re so blessed!





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