Italy: Wow Part I

This was amazing. We arrived at the airport, exhausted and tired from the Israel trip. We go straight to our hotel, and just on the ride (about 25 minutes, all in Rome) we were amazed by what we saw. Everything was SOOO green, even just the weeds on the side of the road. Buildings that would normally be considered ugly managed to be beautiful and all the old buildings were so cool! We got to our  hotel and it was incredible, it was like a palace! The doors of our taxi van were opened for us and so were the doors to the hotel (ooh, and there were those cool spinny doors!).

Very cool building we passed on a walk.

Dad checked us in and but we were a bit early so we asked the concierge (try saying that, it’s really fun) what he suggested for lunch. We went to a little restaurant and there was a great guy there (very unprofessional looking though). We told him we wanted stuff that didn’t have non-fish seafood or pork and he just went with it and brought us out these huge servings of pasta and meat and fish and bread and cheese and tomatoes. It was very yummy, but when my sister and I couldn’t eat anymore he kept telling us to finish anyways. We gave some to our brother and parents so he wouldn’t feel too bad but I still couldn’t finish.

We went back to the hotel and went to our huge suite (not at all what we were expecting, a million times better!), and stood in awe for a while. Then we went on a tour at the Coliseum and some old castle ruins. There were a lot of people in the tour and we had to wear these little radios and earbuds so we could hear the lady talking. She kind of didn’t stop talking. Ever. She was a walking encyclopedia, she never repeated information but she just kept going! The Coliseum was really interesting, not quite like I had expected it. I would show you pictures of the inside, but as I said in my Israel post, my memory card is failing, I do have a selfie, haha, though, of me and the outside.


The next day we went to Vatican (so technically we went to three countries) and went to the Sistine Chapel. It was very catholic, and a bit creepy with all the weird pagan stuff and naked statues. But we saw the painting of Adam reaching for God which was very cool.

I didn’t take this picture (obviously) because you’re not allowed to take pictures in the Chapel.

We also went to the Pantheon, and that was… weird. It’s dedicated to 12 gods so that’s strange, but it’s a very magnificent building.



Every building in Rome was so interesting and so many of them have so much history packed into them! Some were just simple and elegant, though.

Okay, so I thought people drive crazy in Israel, but no. Drivers are INSANE in Italy. It was pretty frightening sometimes. I think they just use the yellow lines in the middle of the roads as suggestions and not rules. And there was no yielding to merge, just merging if you want to go then. And oh my goodness, so. many. motorcyclists!

This is just one of the many throngs of motorcycles we saw.

Later that day we went to this darling pizzeria, very picturesque and cozy. We asked how big the pizzas are and the answer was ‘personal size’. We chuckled to ourselves, knowing that Italians’ versions of ‘personal servings’ are rather large. But, gracious, they came out and they were huge! They were pizzas I would normally share with two or three other people! But the hilarious thing is, we each still ended up eating all the pizza! I gave a few of my pieces away but it was crazy! Delicious, though. On the way out dad had us kids take a picture with one of the servers. Dad told me, “Lissy Belle (a nickname of mine), get in the picture!” And the waiter said something like “Yesa, youra bella!”, which means beautiful! So a real life genuine Italian man called me beautiful! How amazing is that?!?

Okay, we got to be in Italy, while it rained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOOORAH! So many people were walking around with umbrellas and raincoats, and it was gorgeous afterwards with the clouds still lingering and the wet pavement!

Isn’t this beautiful?!

Also, we experienced several noticeably large earthquakes! I had been through one teeny one a long time ago, but these were much larger, especially on the fifth floor of our hotel! My sister and I were watching the 2014 version of Annie  in Italian (except the songs were in English and we know the movie so well, it didn’t make much of a difference) and our parents came to our room and were talking about our plans for the next day and then my bed started shaking and the big chandelier, and we all looked at each other and I got really excited, and my isn’t this a run on sentence! Anyways, then another one came and they were very exciting!

Gelato in Italy was pretty amazing, and they serve cold Nutella there. I don’t mean Nutella-flavored ice cream, I mean plain cold Nutella! You could just buy a scoop! Nutella is a big deal over there, which is pretty great in my opinion.

And our hotel breakfasts were huge buffets, piles and piles of food; eggs, sausage, pastries, sweet foods, drinks, etc! My brother got five plates overspilling with food, and eat almost all of what he started with!

May I just mention how incredibly WONDERFUL the accents and the language is. So fun. Every Italian accent you’ve ever heard, even if it seemed grossly exaggerated, was probably, in some region, accurate. I love their language, it’s so sing-songy! I’m learning the language and the accent should be pretty easy to authenticate, because whatever you think it is, you’re probably right.

So that is the first two days of our trip, and I will be posting part two later today or tomorrow.

Tell me what you think! Does Italy entice you as much as it does me? Ciao for now!



4 thoughts on “Italy: Wow Part I

  1. Wow. o.o This sounds amazing! So beautiful and lovely and strange… xP I want to travel the world even more than I did before…
    Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. xD Such a pretty place.


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