ArrivederLa! (per addeso)

Sto andan in un’avventura! Okay sorry, I had to get a little Italian out. In 19 hours and eleven minutes (1:00 [am] saturday) my family and I will load into a little car, with suitcases, backpacks, purses, etc. and drive three hours to the airport where I will be extremely tired. And confused. And nervous.

I have flown once. When I was seven. For 35 minutes. And I don’t remember anything about it. So flying for 19 hours will be, to say the least, interesting. I know my family knows how to fly, but still…

When we arrive in Israel (yes! Israel!) we will be greeted by our friends who have been gallivanting across Europe for the last couple months.We’ll stay there for a while, seeing some of the most beautiful places, and Biblical sights, and so much History! It’ll be so different from anything we’re used to!

After we’ve spent our time in Israel, we’ll load back into an airplane and travel to Italy, for a short, but very lovely (I’m sure) stay. We’ll go to the Vatican, so I’ll get three countries technically.

The only sad part of this trip is that I will very much miss seeing a large group of people we would normally be seeing during this time of year, so to all you, I will miss you so much!

And I’ll be taking thousands of pictures and the sort, so when we’ve come back and recovered from jet lag, and exhaustion, I’ll do a post with many pictures and a (hopefully) short description of our journeys.

So stay tuned! And pray for my family and our friends safety, please. Well, quindi addio, e vi di commentare! (Good bye, and please comment!)

I’ve been told we’re going to watch the sunset from the Mount of Olives, so I will post a picture of that, but for now here’s a lovely American sunset. (I did not take this picture, btw)

Breathtaking photography of a flock of ducks heading into the setting sun…:



Autumn Words

Autumn is around the corner for me, and perhaps it has already arrived for you! Autumn season is by far my favorite, and so, to celebrate this lovely season I have gathered some of my favorite quote pictures for your viewing and reading pleasure!

What I Like About Fall | Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.  Emily Bronte | #fall #inspiration #quote:
So simple and so true.
Photo - Oxford Proper:
Ah, what better!
Autumn is the perfect season to write poetry for! It's one of the many reasons I love it!<3 I love to think about Autumn wearing a leafy headress or crown like children who play Indians outside...:):
That describes it so well.
"This quote (anonymous) speaks for itself. Stop giving life to dead situations and relationships. They’re not meant to be revived. Happy Thursday, beautiful.":
A lesson all could learn.
2. "But to soon the day approached  Childish things were left behind  And only lingered as memories in her mind." Abigael  Cari:
My favorite!
George Eliot quote -- "Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking the successive Autumns.":
This sends chills down my spine, in the best way possible. It’s so very profound!
Quotes About Hiking. QuotesGram:
Ah, such a great poem! To Grandmother’s house we go!
With summer on its way out, we can't help but feel excited that autumn is on the horizon! Wooly jumpers, scarves & chunky socks are three of our FAVE things about cooler days!:
I agree with this entirely! Doesn’t that just make your heart ready for full on Fall?


Brings back so many memories!  Especially picking the apples and hampers of them being in the "back bedroom" stockpiled for the winter.:
‘Tis the best of scents! Add fresh rain and it’s heavenly!

Do you like/agree with these? Are you as excited for fall as I am? Do you have any other terrific Autumn quotes?

Please comment!

Oscar Wilde Quote. ♥: