My First Post

Hello there, reader. This is my first post on my new blog. This is my first experience having a blog, so please, be merciful! If you like this post, or at least don’t completely hate it, please come back for more, follow, comment, and tell your friends about it!


Hopefully this will be a blog that appeals to a wide-range audience, since I like a wide range of things. I wasn’t exactly sure what to write about in my first post, so I’ll try to do a quick overview of… well, me!

If you’ve read my little ‘autobiography’, you’ll know that I’m a teenage girl with a desire to follow God. I’m a dreamy girl with my head in the clouds. I’ve read fairy tales my whole life and yes, I’m a huge fan of princesses! I like classics, the literature that has endured the test of time, and little short stories that make my heart happy.


I read a lot. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of classics. The last book I finished was Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Wow. That was a depressing book, but it was very good. Isn’t it amazing how things can be both at the same time. Life is sort of like that, don’t you think? Not to give anything away, but goodness do I love Sydney Carton! What a wonderful man. Anyways, in addition to that wonderful tome, I read a book with my two young nephews recently titled Mr. Popper’s Penguins, a superb book that had us rolling with laughter. It was much better than the movie, and if you like children’s books, you should give it a read!

I also love writing. I’ve started sooo many novels before, but never finished a one. This year my goal is to actually finish one! I’ve done a much better job planning and plotting, so hopefully my story will take flight.                                           bb3ffa79fe8a869fd311257547bd5ecd

And, of course… there’s movies. Well, I love ’em, don’t we all? I especially like old movies (and when I say old, I don’t mean the ’90s, I mean before the ’70s!), most specifically musicals and romance (a good film noir doesn’t hurt now and then). Some of my favorites are You Can’t Take it With YouMary Poppins, Rio Bravo, and many, many others. I also love time pieces, ones where the lead is usually a female and that have the light, feel-good attitude, and have bits of morals or knowledge mixed in. (Please note that the following collage has some movies that I really enjoy, but are not necessarily my favorite)


I also draw… This does not at all mean I am talented at drawing, but I do draw. I mostly draw people, because animals and landscapes turn out terrible. Not that the people I draw are so wonderful. In order to draw, I have to look at a picture of what I want to draw, and can simply not get a good picture straight from my head.


I’m very passionate about photography. That’s something I’d really like to look into as a career. It’s amazing how much perspective changes things, or how what you focus on can change the whole photo, which is something we can use in our personal lives. There’s nothing specific I like to photograph, I do just about anything. It’s one thing I don’t deny I can do.

BeFunkky Collage

I’m a junk addict. I know, I know. It’s dumb to just have stuff… and more stuff. But I seem to not be able to help it. I love garage sales, thrift stores, botiques, and antique stores. I love finding treasures and unique items. In fact, today I purchased a 100 year-old mandolin. It doesn’t have strings and it’s pretty scuffed up, but it’s sooo beautiful. It just spoke to my heart (and my eye). I felt amazing just holding a piece of the past.


I have a big family. There’s a 17 year gap between my oldest sister and I, with five others packed between, and I have two nephews and a niece. Three of my siblings are married, and only two of all us kids still live at home. I must say that the assemblage of siblings and in-laws and other additions God has blessed me with are… interesting! We’re wacky, silly crazy, and we have a very interesting sense of humor that no one else understands. But we love it and we love each other, even though it gets rough, and, yes, we argue. We get through it, though, time and time again. We make each other stronger. After all, ‘storms make trees take deeper roots’.

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About my personality… There is really no way to describe me. Perhaps you’ve seen that ‘The Four Personality Types’ quiz floating around. I’ve tried several variations, and I most often get choleric or melancholy. I’m not completely any of those of course. I’m artistic, creative, and not super academic. I’m not bad at school, I just don’t really enjoy it. I’m really shy around new people and I don’t talk much. Such as, if I were at a garage sale, I would have my mom haggle with the seller. I’d be easygoing and a pushover. But with my friends and family I’m almost the opposite. I like to be a tad (perhaps more than that) bossy, I am loud and funny, a leader, and competitive. But although I often put on a fun, carefree, loud, ME attitude, I’m not as lighthearted as I’d like to be. I struggle with putting on a smile sometimes, and I put up a lot of walls. I judge faster than I should. I say things I regret. But I’m working to be the best I can, with the help of Messiah. And, also, when I chose to, I know how to have a great time, haha.


So that is basically me in a nutshell. This blog is hopefully going to be interesting. I’ll talk about the things I’m interested in. You know what that is now, so hopefully you’re excited. I’d love for you to support this journey I’m about to embark by coming back. Thank you so much for reading! I’d love for you to comment and let me know what you thought or any ideas to improve the site or post. Thank you!